Liberdade Street Fashion

Gonçalo Byrne

2013 | Winner

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Margres has defined a strategic course that also has allowed a recognition in ceramic sector, becoming a synonym for beauty, quality and prestige. An excellency also certified by the preference of architects and interior designers that choose Margres products for their own projects, particularly, laminated stoneware from innovative Linea and Kerlite gammas.

Therefore, as a form of materialize the worthy recognition of architect’s projects, Margres decided to launch Margres Architecture Award, an architecture biennial prize, that goes now to its fourth edition and that aims to distinguish, promote and encourage public appreciation from architecture project authors, that have subscript Kerlite and Linea products. It intends to award evidently architectural quality that show coherence, innovation and aesthetic sense, in the application ceramic material.

Margres - lineaMargres - kerlite


Margres Architecture 2019 Award predicts a monetary prize of 10.000 euros and a trip to Italy.

Can apply to the Award projects that were built in Portugal or in other countries, from Portuguese or foreign architects, as long as they are registered in Architecture Organism of their own countries.

The registration is done at Margres website until the 31st of January 2019 and can be accessed through here.

Project delivery submitted for evaluation should be done until the 15th of May 2019.


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Deadline for entries: until  31st January 2019

To compete for Margres Architecture Award 2019 is required do proceed to a registration. The candidates who compete in a co-authoring system should perform only one inscription. The responsibility relies with project coordinator (elected by the authors).

Fill out the following form to obtain your application code (see regulation page. 10).

I hereby consent to the collection and processing of my data for the purpose of inscription on Margres Architecture Award and initiating direct communication with GPP, SA. I am aware that I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time by sending an email to requesting the deletion of my data. The personal data collected here are protected in accordance with all applicable national and European Data Protection and Privacy rules.

A subscription ensures reliability and uniqueness of the communication between an Organiser and candidate throughout the competition process. The fields marked with * are mandatory.


Any clarification request referring the contest should be addressed until the 1st of March 2019, to the following email:

1. Clarifications regarding content organization

How should I apply if I have more than one proposal? Can I send two proposals together?

In case of a participant has more than one proposal, the candidate should proceed to the deliver independently, or in other words, the candidate must deliver two proposals separately, making sure that each one has its separate registration code.


Previous editions

| Winner

Miguel Borges Costa

Private House

panel 1\
| Honorable Mention

Gonçalo Byrne

Liberdade Street Fashion

panel 1\
| Winner

Architect: Arqº. Manuel António Garcia dos Remédios

Project: Centro Hospitalar Oeste

panel 1\panel 2
| Honorable Mention

Architect: Arqº. José Manuel Amante Rosa Freire

Project: CNS - Campus Neurológico Sénior

panel 1\panel 2
| Winner

Architect: Arqº. Rui Maria de Morais Sarmento Pinto Gonçalves

Project: Reabilitação de um Edifício de Habitação em Lisboa

panel 1\
| Honorable Mention

Architect: Arqº. Nuno Filipe Henriques Monteiro

Project: Remodelação hotel alísios

panel 1\panel 2